After all, why do women fall in love with a stranger man even after marriage, the relationship will be saved if taken care


In Indian society, the relationship of marriage is associated with love and trust. After many years of marriage, husband and wife do not have any special interest in each other. In such a situation the extra marital affair starts. Most people think that only men are responsible for extramarital affairs. But it would be wrong to say so. Married life gets ruined by extra marital affair. It is no less than a storm in the relationship between husband and wife. Due to extra marital affair, there is a deep impact on the children as well. Research has revealed that why do women form relationships with other men after marriage? What is the reason that even after marriage, women give their hearts to other men.

lack of emotional support
According to research, the reason for 28 percent of women having an affair is due to lack of emotional support from the husband. In such a situation, women are attracted to other men for emotional sport.

change in temperament
After some time of marriage, the husband gets so buried in the responsibilities of home and children that it is no longer as romantic as before. Apart from this, he is unable to give time to his wife. In such a situation, women get attracted towards other men.

loss of physical pleasure
The main reason for extra-marital affair of women after the age of 40 is lack of sexual satisfaction from husband. When a woman does not get physical pleasure from her partner, she gets attracted towards other men.

household tidbits
Daily fights and quarrels in the house can also become a major reason for wife’s affair. Women often get stressed due to domestic problems. To relieve the tension, she starts looking for love outside the house.

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