Are you also facing Emotional Flooding these days? Control such emotions


Most people must have gone through a situation at one time or the other when their emotions got the better of them. In such a situation, we are not able to think anything even if we want to. Even we are not able to talk. These feelings are so strong that our nervous system gets out of control and we start feeling tired. This is the condition when our heart rate increases, chest tightness is felt, sweating starts and there is difficulty in breathing. Such feelings are called emotional flood.

Well-known behavior scientist and therapist Lucille Shackleton told on this topic on her social media that in such situations people are unable to think clearly, cannot listen and even there is a problem in communication, which sometimes leads to relationship. goes over. seems to be affected. In such a situation, it is important that we take a break and try to calm down and talk back.

control the emotional flood
Stop immediately- If you are talking or discussing something important and you feel emotional flood in between, take a break immediately. Resume talking when you feel better and have calmed down.

Try to calm yourself down- If you are getting emotional again and again, then you can try to calm yourself down. For this you take a little walk, eat chocolate, take a bath with hot water etc.

Take a deep breath – whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a break immediately. Take a deep breath in the break and exhale completely for one minute and take a full breath.

Think in yourself- You think in yourself that some useless things are troubling you due to which you are not able to share your thoughts. By thinking like this, you will be able to control those feelings.

Identify triggers – You think about the things that trigger your emotions. You should tell your partner about this topic in advance. By doing this, your partner will not get irritated, but will try to understand your feeling.

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