Having trouble meeting people or making new friends? Bring positive change in these ways


There are some people who like to party everyday, meet new people, establish themselves and make new friends. There are some people who feel anxious even when being social, mingling with people or even sitting in a public place. According to PsychCentral, people with this temperament are different from shy people. These people with social awkwardness also face difficulty in participating in public speaking or talking to people with eye contact.

Talk to a stranger in private and practice speaking on any topic. Keep the subject very simple. For example, how nice is the weather today, today is the birthday of the boss in the office, what is the food like, etc.

make eye contact
Try to listen to people’s words with your eyes. Whenever you say something, raise your eyes and say your small talk. By doing this your confidence will increase and your body language will look positive.

focus on others
Ask people questions and focus on listening carefully to what they have to say. By doing this you will know how to better connect yourself with others. Not only this, it will allow you to interact with people in flow.

be comfortable
Remember that everyone tries to get out of their shortcomings at one point or another. That’s why you also keep yourself relaxed while being positive and instead of copying others, be yourself.

come out of the comfort zone
Many times we do not want to get out of our comfort zone, due to which we have to face problems in the new environment. If you are also doing this then motivate yourself and take the help of friends, family or experts to bring changes in yourself.

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