Life partner does not care about your emotions, deal with emotional neglect in this way


There are ups and downs in a happy married life. At such a time, all we can do is wait for when this storm will subside and everything will return to normal. But if this storm continues for several days or months, then understand that some big trouble is going to come ahead.

avoid the blame game
Instead of accusing each other it would be better to share your current feelings among yourselves. Explain that you are upset about being ignored and want to talk to them. If only allegations or shortcomings are made, then instead of becoming a matter, it will get worse.

introspection required
The way we think and think to solve any problem, similarly introspection is also necessary to fix relationship problems. You should think that why this problem started or because of some mistakes of your own, the matter got worse.

It would be better to make some positive efforts from your side instead of sitting silently or waiting. For example, many times the partner does not even know what mistake he has committed or due to which behavior all the problems have started. In such a situation, talk to him alone and express your feelings.

quality time is important
Sometimes, due to everyday stress, problems, responsibilities, etc., it becomes difficult to cover the distance in relationships. In such a situation, take out quality time for each other away from noise and family and listen to them.

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