Ask these 4 questions to your partner before marriage, only after that make sure the relationship, married life will be happy


The decision to get married means a lot in life. In such a situation, most people give their consent for marriage only after a lot of thought. But do you know that after marriage some things can create difficulties for your happy married life. In such a situation, you can avoid these problems by asking some questions to the partner before marriage. Couples try to know each other before marriage. In such a situation, most people ignore some important things, due to which clouds of crisis start hovering over your relationship. So let us tell you about some relationship tips, by following which you can develop better understanding with your partner.

marry with the consent of the partner
Sometimes people are not completely ready for marriage. In such a situation, under pressure from the family, people give their consent for the marriage. Due to this, you may have to face problems after marriage, so know the thoughts of the partner regarding marriage and take the matter forward only after their consent.

ask job questions
Often people have to compromise on their career after marriage. That’s why before taking the decision of marriage, definitely talk to the partner about the career. Also share your goals and job related information with the partner. On the other hand, agree to marry only when the partner does not have any objection to your job. With this you will not have to face any kind of problem after marriage.

do family planning
In the excitement of marriage, couples often avoid family planning. But after marriage, family members can put pressure on you to quit your job or have a child. So talk openly about this with your partner. Also, do not forget to ask the opinion of the partner regarding the care of the child.

let go of old ties
After marriage, nothing should be kept hidden between husband and wife. In such a situation, before marriage, do tell the partner about your ex. Due to this, there will be no tension in your married life and your partner’s trust on you will also be strengthened.

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