Ego is not spoiling your relationships, identify them in 5 easy ways, everyday quarrels will go away


Relationships remain healthy only when couples respect each other’s needs and desires. When this feeling of respect or caring for each other is one sided then it can be a bad sign for any relationship. Here we are telling you how you can identify ego in a relationship or how much place self-respect, self-importance or ego has in a relationship.

Giving importance only to one’s own needs- If the partner only looks at his own needs while in the relationship or fulfills the needs of the partner regardless of his/her wishes, then it shows the extent to which ego is present in the relationship. Such people do not even like to listen to their partner.

Minimize the conversation- Conversation is an essential element in any relationship. But if the conversation between you two is gradually decreasing or you sometimes talk to each other till good morning then it is a sign of ego in the relationship.

Feeling of Jealousy- If the feeling of jealousy has started to arise between you, then it can become a reason for arrogance in your relationship. Actually, jealousy is a normal feeling but if it is bringing toxic emotion in the relationship then it can ruin your relationship. The solution is to talk about it openly and keep the negativity at bay.

Being egoistic and egotistical- This is said to be the biggest problem of the relationship. Usually this problem starts when either partner starts considering himself more superior. And makes every possible effort to prove this feeling of hers.

There is difficulty in apologizing- If there is difficulty in apologizing or forgiving the partner, then it can be a sign of ego. In such a situation, look inside yourself and consider why the problem is happening.

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