Fight with best friend, remove mutual estrangement in 4 ways, will always be together

There is a saying that where there is love, there is also conflict. Whatever may be the relationship, arguments, disputes, ups and downs, fights and quarrels are bound to happen. Friendship is such a relationship, in which many times while talking on any topic, debate starts and then the conversation stops. But, if the friendship is deep and strong, sometimes best friends cannot stay away from each other for long. They forget their ego and displeasure and come forward themselves. Again hug each other and say sorry. But, what to do when the argument and fight become so serious that no one comes forward to end the fight and keep thinking why should I go to say sorry first.

Fights happen in all relationships, it does not mean that you break your friendship. If your best friend is upset, it doesn’t hurt to take a step forward. It is never good to bring ego in relationships. If you do not want to lose your friend, want to start a conversation with him, then in these four ways you can move your friendship vehicle forward again.

Ways to start talking again after a fight with a friend

1. Whatever may be the reason for your fight, it is better to take a step back. It means to say that throw out the ego from inside you and go and say sorry to your friend. Of course it is not your fault but precious relationships are hard built in life so don’t lose it for small mistake, argument, fight. Calm down and think once. This may help you approach the situation more rationally.

2. When there is a quarrel between each other, separate from each other for some time. Let your mind calm down, because talking in anger can make matters worse. Only when you are calm, have an honest conversation to end this quarrel. Listen to your friend’s perspective and try to see things from their point of view. Be prepared to talk about the problem and find a solution together.

3. If the mistake is yours then definitely apologise. If you’ve said or done something wrong, take responsibility for your behavior and apologize. This will not reduce your stature. Be sincere when apologizing. Acknowledge how what you’ve done or said may affect your friend. If your friendship is very old then don’t let it break with one mistake of yours and stop your friend from going away from you.

4. If you have to compromise with your friend to end the fight, go for it. Work on this together. Find a solution that will work to bring the two of you back together again. Once you’ve resolved the issue, it’s important to let go of any resentment or hard feelings and move on. Think about strengthening your friendship further. Focus on building more positive relationships. Do not take small quarrels to heart. Remember, it is very difficult to find a true friend in life.


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