Want to befriend an introvert? Follow these tips, friendship will happen easily


Friendship is a very beautiful relation. It is not just a relationship but also a lovely feeling. Life is incomplete without friends. It may not be possible to meet him everyday, but his presence in life also gives happiness. Friendship is that relation, which of course is not of blood but we choose ourselves. It is difficult to know when we will be friends with whom, but sometimes we definitely find such people whom we like and we want to make them our friend or best friend. In such a situation, many times such people are also found who are shy or introverted. It is believed for introverted people that they do not get along with anyone easily. In such a situation, making friendship with them is also not an easy task, but if you want to be a good friend of an introvert, then you can do so by following some easy tips and keeping the important things in mind. Know these special tips

don’t make assumptions
It’s easy to assume that all introverts are shy, sitting in the corner of a room, but that’s not the case. Introversion itself is a spectrum i.e. all introverts cannot be expected to behave in the same way. So keep in mind that with whom you want to be friends, first try to know him. Don’t make any preconceived notions about it.

create comfort zone
If there is a comfort zone with someone, then there is no tension about anything. Introverts can live comfortably where they feel comfortable. Smile at them for it (no more, no less). Take care of your body language. Keep your posture towards them, listen to them. Tell them things about yourself as it may ease them into having similar conversations and let them know that it’s okay even if they don’t want to share things in return.

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