If you want to make your wife feel comfortable in the new house after marriage, then follow these 5 tips

Getting married is the happiest day for any girl. Along with this happiness, many big changes and responsibilities also come in the life of that girl. Some changes are easily accepted but some changes take time to settle. One such big change is leaving your house and moving to another house and adjusting yourself there. … Read more

Smell the relationship with the scent of perfume, celebrate the day in 4 ways, this moment will become memorable

Anti Valentine Week is going on. The first day (15 February) was Slap Day, the second day was Kick Day (16 February) and today, on 17 February, Perfume Day is being celebrated. The week ends with Breakup Day (21 February). You can celebrate Perfume Day in your own style. This day gives you an opportunity … Read more

With these habits, you will become a happy couple, new life will come in a weak relationship, follow these tips

It is the desire of all the couples that there should always be love in their life, but sometimes even without wanting, distances start coming in the relationship. In this busy life it is very difficult to give enough time to each other. The burden of responsibilities increases so much that we are not able … Read more

Wives do not like husband’s 3 habits, do not do this even by mistake, otherwise the relationship will be ruined

The foundation of every relationship rests on trust. Relationships are bound by the delicate thread of trust and if there is even the slightest doubt in them, the relationship can be weakened. Trust keeps any relationship strong, but if there is no trust in that relationship then it is difficult for the relationship to last … Read more

Must do 5 things with partner before marriage, distance will not come in relationship, married life will also be happy

Before marriage, couples have many questions related to each other in their mind. Obviously people do not know much about the partner before marriage. In such a situation, many people remain confused about the behavior of the partner. However, if you are also going to get married, then by clearing some things from the partner, … Read more

So that’s why we celebrate Flirt Day, you can also celebrate this day with your partner in 3 fun ways, memories will remain in your mind

Today is the fourth day of Anti Valentine Week. Today is being celebrated as Flirt Day. It is also called flirting day. Anti Valentine Week will continue till February 21. Every day in this whole week people celebrate some or the other day, let’s enjoy them. Flirt day does not mean that you flirt with … Read more